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ABSTAINER The Monthly Magazine of the Cardiff & District Temperance and Band of Hope Union. Communications for the Editor should be addressed to the Offices of the Union, 35. Windsor Place, Cardiff Vol. XVII. 7. JULY, 1906. ONE PENNY Our president J^otiouraL UNVEILING THE STATUE OF MR JOHN CORY, J.P., D.L. " Me has shown by his life and conduct during a long commercial career that the doctrines of the Christian faith have been his guide. He has always been at the head of a great commercial concern, yet he has found time, even when business pressed the hardest, to think of the weak and err¬ ing and those who have suffered shipwreck in the struggle of life." ff^UCH are the words that, under happy inspiration have ?m been recorded of oar beloved President, Mr. John Cory. ]N=^ Standing in the midst of the vast throng, surrounded by a large "number of temperance friends who had assem¬ bled to do honour to the best-loved man in the city, one felt how totally inadequate the choicest and truest words were to fnllv express that admiration and affection, which is felt, on all hands for the man who has never tired through a long series of vears 'of innumerable acts of kindness. At the picturesque un¬ veiling ceremony at Cathays Park there must have been not a few of the manv hundreds assembled, who have (either person¬ ally or on behalf of some struggling society, or hard pressed individual) participated in the unique liberality of the merchant nrince It would be difficult to enumerate Mr. Gory e countless acts of generosity; his benefactions would fill a volume. We -------------- wonder if there is a philanthropic society in Cardiff, or a cause , Parted for the betterment of mankind which has not at some By kind permission of A. & G.Taylor, Duke St. Arcade. «a benefited by the kindly assistance of Mr. Cory, JOHN eeRY, Jjbose purse haB ever been open for the relief of distress or the Coai-owner, Philanthropist. assistance of deserving objects. world-wide sympathies. 1906. «the almost innumerable «""» 6 ... ,, UNVEILED Thuksoav, J,»E m** Mr. Cory during ^ -eer. ^H,s^ac,,, J.fe ha STuckv recipients. Mr. Cory had wel learned ttojrt eem g ^ ^ energ ellterprlse, century of honourable career 111 the coa trade and troi .^ c mtiou wlth other member, of his and unremitting industry, created such a worl**ide MM merchant8 who were amongst the largest, family as had placed him in the proud posturno ^bg « * operations afforded employment for a cou¬ rt not the most extensive, shippers of coal m tk orJ* * ^ Cory> while being a keen and most suc- derable number of officials and enormous »™^;°beuefactor, and laid Cardiff and an .mportautportion cestui business man, has at the same time been *Jrea obHgations to him and his Arm. Mr. Cory s large- of GGlamorganshire with its teeming^populat.on under deepo fc betterinent 0f his fellow-creatures =s well- hear ednesl and readiness to contribute towards ^J to ,ve ftn idea of the extent or number of his known throughout the kingdom, and while lfc ^ ?stuutions which he has either initiated or supported by bSaotSs! may mention some ^ong tbemany «istituUo ^ ^^ ^ ^ gai)org and goldier8 his frequent and generous aid-such as the oara