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ABSTAINER The Monthly Magazine of the Cardiff & District Temperance and Band of Hope Union. Communications for the Editor should be addressed to the Offices of the Union. 35, Windsor Place, Cardiff Vol. XVII. 4. APRIL, 1906. ONE PENNY. ^X^(^M^K?K?)^ SjXMS^MMM'/ H___'/s/////// ////// 0LJR £4,000 SeHEME Thanks to workers and friends. ■%mi?M--. ■/:■. / / / :■■■/ / / v / -y / / / / /:<■ / /-■:■■/ / / / / / /. y-^mm. At the Annual Council Meeting, the following resolution was ordered to be recorded in the minutes :— Resolved :—" That this Committee places on record its profound thankfulness to Almighty God for the signal success which has attended the efforts put forth in furtherance of the £4,000 Scheme initiated to clear off the debts on the Cory Hall site, the Band of Hope Offices, and for extension purposes. It records with special pleasure the very handsome gift of £1,000 from the President of the Union, Mr. J. Cory, J.P., D.L., of £500 by Mr. R. Cory, J.P.. and the equally generous contributions of so many other sympathetic friends. It recognises that so great an undertaking involved the untiring energy, devotion and self-sacrifice of a large circle of friends, and the magnificent results achieved has not only relieved the Union from financial strain, but has demonstrated the great vitality of the local Temperance party, the brotherlines3 which exists between the various sections thereof, the loyalty of the affiliated branches, and the intense desire of the many workers to help forward the Common Cause. It records its'joy at the fresh' impetus the scheme has given to the work of the Union, and the revelation of so widespread a concern for the salvation of the child from the terrible scourge of Strong Drink, cannot but be a source of inspiration to every worker." keenest of temperance workers), is a living organisation, many of the friends feeling the responsibility of thoroughly educating the boys and girls in'the principles of temperance. That the sincerest sympathy is felt in the district for the Hon. Sec, Mr. Frowen, in his bereavement caused by the sudden death of his wife. (Our heart-felt sympathy, likewise, goes out to our suffering brother and his family). That one Band of Hope offered a handsome prize for the best rendering of the well-known poem, " Casabianca," and not one boy could be induced to trv. (Why " Casabianca " ? Why not a good temperance recitation ?) That Band of Hope boys are very slow to help in the items of the programme. That boys at many of the meetings are conspicuous by their absence. That out of over 400 entries from Bands of Hope in connection with the Competitive Festival, under 100 were boys. That many workers do not realise their responsi¬ bilities in getting hold of the boys. What we have heard. That the Mount Hermon Band of Hope has increased its numbers mainly by the persistence of a few of the members. Just before the time for commencement of the meeting, the streets are scoured and the youngsters ' compelled ' to come in. By this method much good has been done. That the Band of Hope has been re-started, and is believed to be entering once more, under the conductorship of Mr. C. Corp, upon a useful and successful campaign. That a very successful conference and chemical demonstration was held at Abertillery on March 10th, the Organising Secretary being the speaker. The Abertillery Band of Hope Union, under the secretaryship of Mr. A. Frowen (one of the