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HE ABSTAINER The Monthly Magazine of the Cardiff & District Temperance and Band of Hope Union. Communications iov the Editor should be addressed to the Offices of the Union, 35. Windsor Place, Cardiff Vol. XVII. 3. MARCH, 1906. ONE PENNY. BREWSTER SESSIONS. THE following letter was seijt to 1 lie members of the Licensing Committee:— Dear Sirs, Last year a memorial, signed by large number of representative citizens, was forwarded to you. The memorial was not acknowledged, and no public action was taken in the direction respectfully suggested by the memorialists. To those who had anticipated that the New Licensing Act would have afforded an opportunity of bringing about a reduction of drinking facilities, especially in certain notorious congested areas, and to all who have the fame and good government of the City at heart, and much disappointment was caused. In the hope that the matter may now have further consideration, we send you a copy of last year's memorial, and with the greater knowledge time has given of the effects and possibilities of the Act of 1904, we earnestly trust that you will no longer hesitate to fully use the power entrusted to you, as Magistrates have done elsewhere, and so help to bring about a much needed reform. Yours faithfully, F. J. Beck, E. H. Griffiths, H. M. Thompson, Frkd. W. Brett, H. W. Wood Davey, Thos. M. Heywooo, W. RoNNFKLDT, John Williamson. This time the Magistrates had the courtesy to acknowledge its receipt and sent the following letter :— " Magistrates' Clerk's Office, Town Hall, Cardiff. Dear Sir, The Chairman and Members of the Licensing Committee desire me to acknowledge the receipt of your letter and memorial. Yours truly, F. W. Brett, Esq." D- REES. The Magistrates showed their regard for the wishes of the memorialists by renewing all the licenses objected to by the police because convictions had been recorded against them, except one which was adjourned to March 6th. The Head Constable objected to the renewal of the licenses ©f " Tne Old Arcade " and " Old Dolphin," Church Street, " Lord Palmerston," Bridge Street, " Moulders' Arms," Union Street, and the " Lady Bute," Wharf Street. The chairman of the bench again complimented the licensed holders,—we suppose on the manner with which they manage their drunkard making without police arrest, for the record of arrests for drunkenness in Cardiff is too ridiculous to be even seriously considered. But they pleased the bench, and drew forth the usual pat on the back for drink sellers. Aid. Dr. Rawlings, a well known Swansea justice, writes: "There is some fault with your statistics; we are sure that there must be much more drunkenness in Cardiff than your figures show." We also are sure, so are the police. What is wanted is some courageous Councillor who will insist on finding out why drunkards and drunkard makers get off so easily. The Head Constable's report showed that 18 persons were proceeded against for selling liquor without a license as compared with 38 in the previous year ; 28 were summoned for illegally buying beer as againsr 60 in 1904. 247 persons were charged with drunkenness, 121 males and 126 females. The chairman stated that this revealed a very sad and shocking state of things. Women carried off the palm for drunkenness by five laps. The Magistrates thought that the City might be improved by the elimination of some licenses. " In several houses scarcely any business was done; no rent, was paid to the landlord, a man being put in merely to keep the license going. Serious objection would be taken to certain houses during the next year." Referring to what he described as the " immense number of transfers " during the past few years, Dr. Taylor said, " he did not know whether the excessive boom in brewers and licensed houses had passed away, leaving only the froth behind." We think it time a little of the "froth" was blown from the licensing bench, so that we might see some¬ thing more solid than talk.