PPARLLENNO, VSTYRIED. THE ATIONALIST m. my mm" mm.: 'mm mm mm ' mr_ mm[ m* mw 'mm mm " mm mm mm mm ■ ... w » H A NON-POLITICAL MAGAZINE FOR WALES. Vol. III.—No. as MARCH, 1909. Price Threepence, j _ CONTENTS: OUR POINT OF VIEW. ST. DAVID'S DAYS: OLD AND NEW. The National Pageant of Wales By OWEN RHOSCOMYL. s 11 ;f] The Musings of a London Welshman THE SOUTH WALES UNIVERSITY COLLEGE. Portrait ^Author of '-.Father O'FlyniT Mr. Goscombe John, R.A. Dr, Gwenogfryn Evans; A Short Story by a New Welsh Writer WILLIAM DE BREOS* TRANSLATION OF GEIRIQG'S " MYFANWY," by the-.Author of "Father O'Flynn." A Lyric by the Hon. Stephen Coleridge. THE EDITOR AND THE CHAIRED BARD ANSWERS TO CORRESPONDENTS. race Cardiff: Xonoon: - * Simpkin, Marshall, Hamilton, Kent 8, Mount Stuart Square, Docks. & Co. Limited. Printed for th<- Proprietors by Rjb'.. Roberts, Cardiff HIB!