No. 4] CARDIFF, THURSDAY, MAR. 6th, 1879. [ONE PENNY. ----v v w----T7— v - v vl' " "W ""w—-r—y v" --v— J -jj- - J j J j—> V" "V----t ' > >-----, J J-----J. ' f'"j " ~\J —S-----3-----*S-----S-----»-----:------= t —j-- \jf" v j '"'j " y ' j>\_\ . "~ Daniel the Seer— " Through the long vista do I once more see A Site which never had a charm for me." Peter the Piper— "Silence, nor spoil my music with thy clatter— Astonished Ratepayer—" But 3—2—5 is worse than all your chatter ! "