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THE CARDIFF LIBRARIES' REVIEW. Vol. i. No. 6. March, 1910. CONTENTS : Page READERS' REVIEW. Page Library Notes and News - - - - 45 piain Chats on Reading: Using a Public A Restored Document ----- 46 Library --..... 17 Reading List : The House of Lords - - 46 Books about the Country ... - 19 Recent Additions to the Welsh Department - 48 Theology for the Man in the Street - - 22 Recent Additions to the Central Lending From a Teacher's Bookshelf, II. - - - 25 Library.......5° Thomas Edward Brown..... 27 From a Country Study ----- 29 The Character of the Sea..... 32 Library Notes and News. The Cardiff Libraries' Review is published by order of the Libraries Committee of the Cardiff Corporation. All communica¬ tions should be addressed to "The Librarian, Central Library, Cardiff." Open Access at Roath. The Libraries Committee have decided to convert the Lending Library at the Roath Branch into an Open Access Li¬ brary during the coming Summer. The next Winter reading season therefore will find readers at Roath enjoying the privilege of selecting their books direct from the shelves. This system is already in operation with the best results at Cathays, Canton and Grangetown. Lectures. In addition to the Lectures in the printed Syllabus, it is probable that two others will be arranged after Easter. Mr. Winks has promised to give his Lecture on Halley's Comet (which has excited great interest, and drawn crowd¬ ed audiences wherever it has been delivered) at the Grangetown branch by special request. Arrangements are also in progress for a Shakespearian recital by the members of the Shakespeare Reading Circle at one of the Branch Libraries. Full particulars will be an¬ nounced later. Exhibition. An interesting Exhibition has been arranged in the Reference^ Library con¬ sisting of Photographs kindly lent by Mr. N. Webb. They illustrate every-day life in China, and comprise a variety of subjects giving a vivid picture of Chinese life. A further series illustrates the siege of Port Arthur in the Russo- Japanese war. Most of the photographs were taken by Mr. Webb. * * * * The House of Lords. A special reading list dealing with the political question of the hour ap¬ pears in this number. In addition to books dealing specially with the House of Lords, it includes those standard text books and treatise on Constitutional History, and Law and Parliamentary Government, which readers who wish to get a thorough grasp of the subject in all its bearings will require to consult. * * * * "Scripta Minoa." The recent visit to Cardiff of Mr. Arthur J. Evans, the archaeologist whose labours have done so much to bring to light the ancient civilization of Crete, aroused great interest The first volume of his work " Scripta Minoa: the written documents of Minoan Crete, with special reference to the archives of Knossos," is now available in the Reference Library (E5.58).