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THE CARDIFF LIBRARIES' REVIEW. Vol. I. No. 4- January, 1910. CONTENTS: Page READERS' REVIEW. Page Library Notes and News ... - 29 Plain Chats on Reading, II. - - - - i?7 Recent' Additions to the Welsh Department - 31 Arm-chair Sea Fights ----- 179 Recent Additions to the Central Lending Talks About Pictures..... '81 Library.......33 Books for Electors...... 183 Some Books on India..... 185 Personal Friends, VII...... 188 Library Notes and News. The Cardiff Libraries' Review is published by order of the Libraries Committee of the Cardiff Corporation. All communica¬ tions should be addressed to " The Librarian, Central Library, Cardiff." * * * * Parliamentary Papers. All the more important Parliamentary papers are obtained regularly for the Reference Library, and are placed on a special table there as received. U.S. Department of Commerce and Labour. The Cardiff Public Libraries have recently been placed on the mailing list of the United States Department of Commerce and Labour, and the publica¬ tions of this department will also be available in the Reference Library as issued. In view of the interest which is now being taken in economic questions, the reports on American imports and exports and American trade generally will be found exceedingly useful. Card Catalogues. The cataloguing on cards of the recent additions to the Central Lending Library has been in progress for a con¬ siderable time, and is now approaching completion. The Catalogue is being compiled in two sections: one arranged alphabetically, and the other arranged under subjects. The alphabetical section is sufficiently advanced for use by the public, and is now available. The sub¬ ject section will be ready shortly. These Card Catalogues will be kept up-to-date, and gradually extended to comprise the whole of the stock of the Central Lending Library. Similar catalogues are being compiled for the Reference Library. * * * * The " Parly of Beasts." The most important contribution made by a Welshman to English literature is said to be the Familiar Letters (Epistolae Ho-Elianae) of James Howell [1594 ?-l666] now a recognised English classic. Howell was a native either of Carmarthenshire or Breconshire, a pro¬ minent man of letters in his day, Royal Historian to Charles II., and author of some 50 works, many of them still of considerable literary and historic im¬ portance. A fine copy of a political satire entitled " The Parly of Beasts; or, Morphandra, Queen of the Inchanted Island," published in 1660, in which Howell's own strong political opinions are reflected, has recently been acquired for the Library. Pererius a wandering prince, after many adventures at sea, arrived at a strange north-west island, where reigned a queen calledMorphandra, who had power to metamorphose men to beasts. She gives Pererius leave to speak to the beasts, and endeavour to persuade them to resume the shapes of men, and to take away with him any