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i o p 6 o o o "6......o o'o'o o o1 o o o o o o o o o o o o o o _o,.o_.o„g_o_ol4!6* *» 8T\ ASAPH <**• ^ CHRISTMAS, 1890. THE PUBLISHER'S ADDRESS. Another year is fast passing away, with all its joy sand its sorrows; its peaceful occurrences and its wild commotions; its birth®, its marriages, and its deaths; its comic and its tragic sides of life, together with the thousand and one details which enter into the making-up of our social life. It is a satisfaction, no doubt, that the year 1890 leaves St. Asaph better than it found it. During the year the little city has evidently been looking up in its trade. Being in an agricultural district as it is, the sine qua non of it is to possess men of experience and ripe judgment in agriculture, whose one idea tends to the improvement of the district and the city, by developing its resources to the utmost. Of such men St. Asaph is by no means short, and their experience having been brought to bear on the con¬ ditions of this favoured district, an era of prosperity may be looked for such as the Vale of Clwyd never knew before. Mr.tMechi, of agricultural notoriety, started*out with the idea of getting " two blades of grass where only one grew before"; if our modern farmers and feeders will only realise a similar object by the improvement among us of grasses and stock, they will deserve well of their fellow-citisens. All hail to such an enterprise, says the St. Asaph Advertising Circular, This year does not pass away from us without our missing our sweet poet and the winner of four chairs, for after great suffering the genial Glanffbwd joined the majority j and while expressing our deepest sympathy with those who are left behind, may we give utterance to our hope that others may be found to follow his footsteps, and to be, as he proved, an ornament of the Welsh people. The present issue of the Advertising Circular will, we trust, be found to equal its predecessors, and may we hope that its welcome will be as hitherto, if not indeed more cheerful. Advertisers' claims will be studied, for no house, large or small, In the Cathedral city and its suburbs will be left without having a copy delivered in it; and if " printer's ink" can produce trade, all advertisers will benefit by the outlay. Our literary portion isf as usual, grave and gay, in prose and poetry, in English and Welsh, and while perused by our readers at their y cheerful firesides, rnay^they enjoy a, must eaiisimm & &, hart hiw nut a '" 2 a o o o o -2 2 2 9- DAVID HUGHES, VICTORIA PRINTING WORKS, ST. ASAPH. oooooooooooooq-qo q-