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2> , ^t^a^ bT. ASAPH $ CHEISTMAS, 1889. The Publisher has undertaken to distribute one copy gratuitously to every householder in the City ; and persons wishing to obtain more copies may procure the same at the price of One Penny each, but application must be made at once, as only a limited number is printed. It is hoped that all possible publicity will be given to this Circular. TO OUR READERS. The PUBLISHER, in presenting each family in the City of St. Asaph and Neighbourhood for another year, with the Advertising Circular, begs to return his sincere thanks for the encouragement which he has received from the commencement. Advertisers and the public, as he is glad to notice, look out for its issue ; and the householders of " ye little citie " are glad to rank it as one, if not the most valuable, of their numerous Christmas Presents. Sellers and buyers recognise it as an excellent medium of becoming acquainted with each other, and let us hope that our energetic tradesmen reap the benefit. The literary portion, too, though of a humble character, not aspiring to anything very great, will, the Publisher trusts, be valued by his fellow-citizens, as an effort to keep in remembrance many an historic lore connected with the City; while the poets, both in English and in the vernacular, find a medium to edify the readers of the Advertising Circular. Also, the list of the " Appeared, United, aud Departed," —or according to the old reading, " The Hatches, Matches, and Despatches,"— will not prove uninter¬ esting ; on the contrary, they may prove of such value to all parties con¬ cerned as to cause them to preserve the copy for 1889 for future reference. In the manifold changes without its value. The Publisher, whilst returning thanks for which occur in life, it bespeaks well of our human nature that we are apt to keep them in remembrance, and to ponder over their signifi¬ cance. A record of the same is therefore not all favours fr (gt) v: ($ extended to him in his business, wishes to all his readers, in the heartiest fashion, David Hughes, Victoria Printing Works, St. Asaph