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DYfHOfl Ÿf? OES: n.«Pai»ch. Ç. J. Campbell, m.fl. .«l^U'RHENWLADYNE/BMfiii." --------♦-------- YSPÇYD . . YÇ OES: ao\\voeÀà\aât î\\\^o\ a\ $asanae\\i uo^mru jÿ^Äà. CVF. I. RHIF 3. EBRILL ìsfed, 1904. Pris Dwy Geiniog. CONNAH & Co/s ___VÄ^, -> FOR CrCUES; M0T0R6 & MAIL-CARTS, *■ phyl, Denbigh, CaFnarn/on, & LilanFaast. fa*l**l*****l**l**l**Ì**l**l**^l**X**+**]*^^ The Largest Stock of New and Second-hand Cycles in North Wales. NEW HUDSON'S. £8 ios. od. RUDGE WHITWORTH, SINGER, PREMIER and the famous SWIFTS' CYCLES, from ^io ios. od. ROYAL WELSH, £y ios. od. .....■ ■ ■ ■ 11 ■ ■.....■ * ■ f 1 ■»........111111 ■ ■ ■ 1111 Over 500 Second-hand Cycles at Nominal Prices. Write for Particulars, with requirements, or call and inspect. 111111111111111 The Greatest Variely of MAIL-CARTS out of London. New Polish Walnut, £2 2s. Raffia Cane, £2 3s., &c , &c. Second-hand, from lOs. 6d. Bath Chairs and Invalids Chairs. EASY PAYMENTS FOR ALL NEW GOODS \VVWVWWWV\Wi*\**VW*VMlWiW Dealers in ^ohaccos, gugareftes, "^tpes atib ~^onc§es. Agents for Winter Games, Table Tennis, Ping Pong, Sandow's Developers, Hockey Sticks, &c, &c. New Game of Snap Shots. W. WILLIAMS A'l FAB, ARGRAPHWYR, TREFFYNNON.