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No. 18. JUNE, 1865. Peigb 2d. " Moab hath been at ease from bis youtb, and be batb settled on bis lees, and batb not been emptied from vessel to vessel, neither batb be gone into captivity; therefore his taste remained in him, and his scent is not changed." .-------- Jeremiah 48. 11. [E four first expressions in the above words indicate the comparative tranquility which the Moabitic nation from its first formation had enjoyed, and its peaceful, undisturbed state at the time when the prophet wrote. The nation, no doubt, had had its troubles, but these were nothing in comparison with the peace and prosperity which had fallen to its lot. The consequence was that, amidst its ease and success, its taste and its scent remained unchanged. During successive generations the people continued to serve the god Chemosh. The peace and plenty the nation enjoyed were attributed to the god it worshipped. There was no suspicion awakened that the god it served was a false one; the seasons came round, the crops grew, the nation flourished, everything was most satisfactory—hence, why suspect that Chemosh was a false god 1 Had the nation been compelled by conquerors to remove from the land of its early ancestors, adoption, and driven from place to place like many other nations, its confidence in Chemosh might have been shaken; but it had enjoyed peace and plenty, and consequently felt satisfied with the god it served. The prominent idea of the words is, that the temporal ease of the nation was a spiritual calamity. And thus it often is in our days; temporal success proves to be a spiritual loss. , - We often envy those who pass through life without much trouble and sorrow, and those who seem to get on successfully in IT