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A. MEDIUM OP TRADE AND FASHION, AND INSTRUCTIVE BEADING FOR EVERY HOME, No. 27. CAERNARVON, JUNE, 1897. [Registered.] Gratis. 66 *TO BETTER FOOD EXISTS, 99 -London Medical Record. " Very digestible, nutritious, and palatable."— British Medical Journal. alien & Hanbusrijs' Infants' Food. " It is excellent in quality and flavour."— Lancet. SUEPEISINGLY BENEFICIAL RESULTS have attended the use of this Food, and it only requires a trial to be permanently adopted for the rearing of young Children. It forms a highly concentrated and self-digesting nutriment, containing all that is necessary for the formation of firm flesh and bone. It is in a partially soluble and readily assimilable form, and 4B£li^ex*ly taken, when Otilxei? Foods £t>X*e rejectee!. It is free from the drawbacks of the ordinary Farinaceous Foods, whilst it contains valuable elements of nutrition which are wholly absent from ordinary Milk Foods. This is a cooked Food, containing all the active constituents of Pure Malt in a soluble form. " An improved form of Liebig's well-known food."—Lancet. t3f" Infants who had thriven under its use fell off when it was discontinued. Children who were subject to sickness being freed from it by the use of Messrs. Allen & Hanburys' Food."----The result of trials of Allen & Hanburys' Food at the East London Hospital for Children. Reported in the "BRITISH MEDICAL JOURNAL." ' My child, after being at death's door for weeks from exhaustion, consequent upon severe diarrhoea, and inability to retain any form of ' Infants' Food' or Milk, began to improve immediately he took your malted preparation, and I have never seen an infant increase in weight as rapidly as he has done."— H. Ernest Teesteail, F.R.C., M.R.C.P. 'I was more than pleased with your 'Infant's Food." Our little boy relished it, and was the embodiment of perfect health. He was allowed your food only. I have recommended it in other cases with great satisfaction to all parties concerned."—J. Hislop Johnstone, M.D., Edin. and CM. In the case of delicate children it has been found highly beneficial and nutritive."—Mrs. Hilton, The Creche, Stepney Causeway, E. I SOLD UTTINS AT^U.72s., 5s., and iOsriEACH, BY CHEMlSf S, &c> EVERY WERE. Any of Allen & Hanburys' Specialities may be obtained from:— In. E. EOBEETS, Chemist, Bangor Street, Caernarvon. In. JAMES FEANOTS, Chemist, Pool Street, Caernarvon. Mb. THOMAS HUGHES, Chemist, Penlan Street, Pwllheli. Mb. WILLIAM OWEN, Chemist, High Street, Pwllheli. CAERNARVON: PRINTED AND PUBLISHED FOR MESSRS. MORRIS & DAVIES BY W. GWENLYN EVANS, 22, POOL STREET. —: