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YSTORFA Y BEDYDDWYR. Rhif. 24.—CHWEFROR, 1840.- Cyf. III. HANES BYWYD A MARWOLAETH MR. WILLIAM EDWARDS, Yr hwn oedd Bregethwr yn mijsg y Bedyddwyr Neillduawl, ac yn Fyfyriwr yn Athrofa Penygarn, Pontypwl, Mynwy. . * ---- (PARHAD ODUD. 8.) ^L7"N mysg papurau W. E. cefais ei ■*■ ddyddiadur am ran fawr o'i amser yn yr Athrofa, a gosodaf yma y dern- ynan canlynawl o hono:—" January 8th, 1839. I am now commencing the second year of my time in the Academy, and I hope thal I shall be more diligent this year than what I have been the one that has past. In taking a retrospect of the time which I have spent here, I perceive that mucli of it has gone without receiving ftny benetìt from it; therefore my prayer to my Lord is, that I may make tlie best use of my time in reading tiseful books, and furnishing my mind with good ideas, trusting that I will Dot spend one minute in vain without receiving some benefit from it." Ym- ddengys ei fod wedi gadael heibio ys- grifenu ei hanes ddyddiawl ar olChwef- ror diweddaf, gan fabwysiadu yr un Wythnosol, fal yma :—'• March 18, 1839. One week more has past, and t am Ieft on the land of the living to enjoy the mercies of God, both in providence and grace. When I look back on my conduct through the week, I perceive many things which I ought tiot to have done or performed ; and many things which I ought to hav« done left undone; and now the time is gone, I have nothing to do but to turn unto the throne of grace, implor- Cyf. III. ing the mercy of Him, who has kept mercy for thousands, to pardon all my transgressions. I have nothing par- ticularly to mention of the past week; I persued my classical lessons as usual. On Tuesday night I was in the prayer meeting at the Tutor's Chapel; on Thnrsday night, I was at the same place hearing the Tutor preaching, and there was very good attendance there, considering that it was on the week nigUt. 1 went from here Saturday, about 3 o'clock, to Bethesda, where I preached yesterday both in the morn- ing and evening, and I had very good freedom to speak, and the congrega- tions appeared to be delighted with my sermons, but I have reason to fear that all my efforts did not prosper to get onesinner to abandon his sin, and embrace the Redeemer." Pan ys- grifenai ei hanes ddyddiawl, dywedai yr awr y codai, a'i lafur dyddiawl, a'i awr o fyned i orphwys drachefn. Y pregethau yn mysg ei bapyrau ynt a ganlyn :—Un Seisnig oddiwi th Psal. xxii, 16, yr hon sydd wedi ei hysgrifenu yn gryno ; un arall Seisnig, yn yr un dull, oddiwrth 1 Thes. i, 10 ; a'r olaf yn Seisnig, yn yr nn dull, oddiwrth Act. i, 16. Y rhai Cymreig ynt yn cynnwys un ar Math. xvi, 26, yr hon sydd yn gyfansoddiad gorchest- awl, wedi ei hysgrifenu yn llawn, ac y