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Miscellaneous. 595 house," " Just stupid enough," all in violent opposition to " A young girl from the country," " Our own Fireside," " Too clever by half." Song : Had I a heart for falsehood framed, I'd send and get it glazed.—Dedicated to Mr. Rogers, hard by. Mottoes. For a Beer Shop: " Potus ex hordeo, in quandam similitudinen vini corruptus."—Tacitus his Germany. For a Protege of the Humane Society : " Nuper me influmine vidi. For O. P.'s Remains : ■< Magnas inter, OPES inOPs —Hor. Read the life of Henry Martyn ; Through Norway with a Knapsack (Smith Elder & Co.); The Lord's dealings with George Muller, Bristol; Miss Whateley's Ragged Life in Egypt. Play Savourneen Deelish; the Minuet in Don Giovanni ; O Pescator ; Kiobenhavn Waltz. Sing, of course, in conclusion, God save the Queen. Study Pyramus and Thisbe, by Le Hyre ; Californian Scenery, (photographed) by Jackson (?) Bewick's Water- barrel; and O. P. in the Tadpole state; (N° 1,Frontispiece.) Talk of Osmium, Ozmazone, Osmunda regalis, the Locri Ozolse (to say something of the Opuntii, Epienemidii and Epizephyrii), and, above all, Ozone. Plappern Sie wohl! Answers to Enigmas. 1.—Because he is "three sheets in the wind." 2.—In Ba's relief, naturally. 3.—A weakness for weak coffee. FINISSIMUS.