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594 Old Prices Remains. to me) most fairly, as well as ably and rationally, discus¬ sed, on the ground of those Scriptures received alike by both parties in the controversy. As I never saw the sub¬ ject nearly so well treated, I earnestly wish my friends of that persuasion to have the benefit of studying Dr. Kearns' work. There are many from whom I have received much kindness, and I should be thankful if I persuaded any of them to examine an argument which seems calculated to render them an essential service in that earnest search after truth which I think I can see to be the sincere em¬ ployment of some of them. The dialogue is also useful as a collection of Scripture proofs, to those who wish their own views to be cleared, or who desire to assist others out of " Socinian Dilemmas." En Revanche. A slip of a girl fell into the water last month, at Bir¬ kenhead, and was saved by her crinoline ! What made Virgil say, "inutile ferrum Cingitur?" N.B.—Some say she had no drowning mark upon her; and I much incline thereto. ________ Old Saws Sharpened, &c. Edged tools, in great variety, at Old Ptiees. *' VOKKa fioi in' ayKan'os oiKta £eA7j."—Pindar. " Never do things by halves," seems to be interpreted by some "never half do things"—a maxim which they adopt to the letter through life. " Three removes are as bad as a fire." No wonder some Philosophers identify caloric with a rapid movement in the ultimate particles of bodies. Puir bodies ! Titles for Books. "An old boy from the town," "Our neighbour's Ice-