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Miscellaneous. 593 stand them. On the back of this specimen are advertised seventeen " Biblical" works by Mr. Young, of the collec¬ tive value of £6 12s. We hope they are not all executed in the same manner. The impression left on our own mind is that there is no more charm in being an Esquire than a Reverend, since we find such very slender clerks in each class. If this last deserves to be called a " critical opinion," we beg that our name, " Old Price," be added to the 45 (qu. " the auld 45 ?" at least half of them are Scots) who figure at the foot, or perhaps at the feet, of the seventeen works, as " Members of TEN different denomi¬ nations " ! We will only add that if some really good Grecian north of Tweed would, instead of solecistic Eng¬ lish, give us a Testament in his own noble language, (not dialect, says Latham,) without affecting English idioms at all, we should treat such a translation with great respect. Socinian Dilemmas ; by the Rev. T. Kearns, M.D., Heylin, Pat. Rozv, 1859.—The author has thrown this little work into the form of a dialogue, but has avoided even the appearance of putting stupid objections into the mouth of an opponent, to be knocked down by his own champion. The advocate of the mere humanity of the Lord Jesus is made to use the very words of their own approved writers, Belsham, Carpenter, Mitchell, Yates, and the "Improved Version;" and references to all the passages are appended in footnotes. The common im¬ pression under which such writers appear to argue, viz., that Trinitarians do not believe the Saviour to be an actual man, is effectually taken (as in fairness every stum¬ bling-block should be) out of their way; and the real question at issue, viz., the proper deity and personality of the second and third persons of the One God, are (it seems