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Miscellaneous. 591 attained, many of his followers seem to have been so dazzled by the Adlerblick of the glorious man, as to be blind to the far more glorious sun-light after which his ardent eye was straining ; to admire the mud through which he was nobly plunging, instead of the rock on which God set his feet at last; and be unduly worshipping a clay model, instead of duly honouring the " vivos de marmore vultus," which were the final result. In short, they are in danger of resting in Arnoldism, "quod ille mimime voluit," instead of following on to know his Lord and Master, as we trust he did himself. " Defend me from my friends!" Well might good old Charles Simeon tell his audience, in his playful way, that if they were " Simeon- ites," he could assure them he was not! Bible (Holy). A New Translation, according to the Letter and Idioms of the Original Languages, (21s. 6d.,) by Robert Young, Esq. Having had a specimen of this work presented to us by a worthy clergyman, whose heart's desire seems to be the diffusion of God's truth, we have read carefully the Epistle to the Galatians, and looked into some others. Referring our readers to remarks in the Introduction to Adversaria, (i. e. *short notes,) on the Greek Testament, (N° I. p. 35,) we never saw, nor expected to see, those remarks so tho¬ roughly illustrated in any serious book. The few samples given in p. 36, on purpose to exhibit the futility of " literal rendering," are not a whit more unmeaning than many and many a passage in Mr. Young's so-called Translation. For instance, "declared righteous by works of law shall be no * We were well punished for this truly pedantic title, on finding that a worthy friend concluded, from the resemblance to " Adversaries," that the articles must be eminently pugilistic! Don't we pay for aping Porson ?