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588 Old Price's Remains. Genus Homo (Varieties of) (Continuedfrom p. 448.) In following up this subject, it is encouraging to find the groups so strictly natural that, instead of having to seek for them, they force themselves upon our notice in every walk (and in every " walk of life1"). Any one who has access to the voluminous work of Charivarius (Vol. xlvi. just out!) might multiply very tranchant varieties, " as thick as mill-wheels strike." We have been particu¬ larly struck of late with instances in which male and female types are so patent-Xy correlative that they might without impropriety be called, in Baconian phrase, Instan- tiae se-registrantes. We subjoin a few of these parallels:— ADAMID.E. EVID^E. " Ubi tu Cai'us, ibi ego Caia.'' aH.curtinolecturatus. Pro- stratus, imbellis; pilio exili, conico, fastigiato: oculis con- niventibus; voce suffocatiu- scula. Habitat ubique in oppidis,ruri rarior, (type, Mr. Caudle; vide Charivar. et Leech de rummis unis, &c.) ft H. volens. synonyms. H. felix mas, Der Selbstherr- scher. 7 H. heelsupwardsius. sy- non. H. spiflicatus, Le boul- verse\ passim apud Anglos. a H.curtinolecturans. erec- ta, bellicosissima; pileo patu- lo, limbifero, gofferato, oculis bipatentibus; voce " tubae acmula,"ad finem raucescente. Habitat ibid ; type, Mrs. C. apud eosdem. ft H. nolens-volens. synon. H. infelix foemina, Impoten- tilla anserina. 7 H. upsettivola. synon. H. spiflicans. H. fortis animi, La boulversante. Ibid. BRICKHOOD.—An order bestowed'instinctively by the people of England upon sterling merit, without^distinc- tion of age, sex, or rank; Majesty itself being no bar to p referment : established within the present century.