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Leviora. 565 without its share of satisfaction, viz., that should the pair of them lose their temper, as well as their hats and um¬ brellas, and, without coming to bodily blows, belabour each other with improper invectives, the law of the land provided against such breaches of decorum will reach both cases alike; and, with even-handed castigation, teach the over-busy as well as the ov ox-leisurely soi-croyant hero that they are but frail mortals after all, and that it behoved th.em,fjLa\iaTa fiev, not to run foul of each other, eireira Be, if they do, not to fall foul of d°. d°.; and if they must needs do both, not to be surprised if they fall into the hands of the authorities (police or gens d'armes), and benefit, as a warning, those fellow-travellers whom they would not aid by their good example. A few Words on the All-but-Exploded Doctrine of a Present State.—By a Nullibarian. It is most ludicrous, after rising, calm and refreshed, from a second perusal of the unanswerable arguments embodied in Fraulein Teuffelschweigenmacher's seventh ponderous volume, to hear those blockheads saying, " As sure as we are here," when you and I know very well that not one of them is there, and it's only their absurd fancy! I did once hear a good man say, " As sure as we are here, or rather a great deal surer /" Now there's a fel¬ low that knew what he was about; or else, at any rate, light was just a-breaking in upon his beclouded intellect, and he appears to have had at least a shrewd suspicion that he was nowhere, or thereabouts. But, did he follow up that bright gleam ? Or is he floundering on in a blind persuasion that the things he sees are really before him ? If so, we have little hope for him: he is on the wrong tack,