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564 Old Prices Remains. Want of Address. There is an abruptness in the monosyllable Sir ! It always looks to me as if it was short for Sirrah ! Then " Dear Sir " is a little too affectionate towards those who are entire strangers; and to those who either are, or what is far worse, fancy themselves your " betters," not a little too familiar ! In the case of Clergymen you are provided with a most convenient relief in "Rev. Sir;" and one which / think the apostle's " most excellent Felix " justifies, as a socially recognised title, even should the bearer of it be an object of detestation rather than reverence. Now sup¬ pose we who have the honour to be Laymen should, en revanche, magnify our office (or non-office) and request our friends to address us in future " Lay Sir." Animal Mechanics. When of two bodies, A and B, moving in opposite directions, one is not only in a violent h,urry, but very proud of having so much to do, tout affair^, and full of self- importance ; and the other is not only at perfect leisure, but very proud of having nothing to do, par otiis neque supra, and full as full of personal dignity as the former ; then indeed the collision, enhanced and aggravated by moral and physical forces, becomes " something fearful;" and it is a comfort to reflect, with a presentiment border¬ ing upon certainty, that the one with his hands in his pockets, having no power to save himself, gets the heavier fall of the two, besides sustaining (previous to the dis¬ placement and ultimate misplacement of the centre of gravity,) an unmitigated punch in the pit of the stomach, from the prone and prominent portions of his rudely-rush¬ ing and luggage-laden vis-a-vis. Nor is the next idea