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44Q Old Prieds Remains. sensorium or cerebral centre would perhaps equally des¬ cribe the functions of hearing, feeling, and smelling; and there are, probably, creatures in existence which do the work of all five senses with one very simple apparatus, or even a generally diffused nervous tissue, or,—" quo musa tendis ?" Besides, I have more to say on such matters when I shall revive an old discussion with a muckle-missed friend*—-Whether "naked-eyed" Medusae have eyes or no eyes. At any rate, the two antlers, par excellence, of this much be-antlered Nudibranch are highly sensitive,, and in constant play; and contribute, with every other twig of the leafless shrubbery on each side of the back, to render the restless writher one of the most attractive items in a tank, though it is only mottled and freckled with cocoa brown on a very light ground. They were not very often met with, on my preserve, just by Woodside Ferry, of the full size ; but they bred one year so abundantly that the head of the old slip was swarming with young ones, about | of an inch long. Once only I obtained a fawn-coloured variety. The spawn I never saw to my knowledge. The exquisite litho-tint in A. & H.'s Monograph, pt. i. fam. 3-, pi 3, is one of their happiest efforts: the one twisting round the coralline is " a'm6st alive," as I heard one of the com¬ paratively truthful fish-hawkers describe his herrings, in a voice that might have been heard distinctly at Niagara ! The only fact I observed in those which I domesticated, in addition to their truthful description, was a habit of swimming, with great power and speed, by bending the body alternately in opposite directions, nearly in the way practised by one or more of the Nereids, and still more accurately by the sea Planaria. The great treat of witnes- * The late lamented Ed. Forbes was a great believer in eyes. (See his work on Starfish.) Ich nicht so sehr.