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438 Old Prices Remains. stan. g—A circle, revolving, forms a solid. Q. E. D. 10—Better done by the Ordnance folk ; and poor Jones' isthmus vanishes ! II—I fear it would cost the Old Gentleman a sigh. '•• Pull away my hearties" would be the ciy; and from poor Montmorenci oh% ypiiffTa. 12—Two bodies may really revolve after each other round the same centre, keeping the respectful distance of the diameter ; but, tound each other! never! 1 though all the Herschels should swear they da NATURAL HISTORY AND PHENOMENA SUBKINGDOM MOLLUSCA, CLASS GASTEROPODA. ORDER NUDIBRANCHIATA. Time being very short, and the number of subjects so great, that if the Remains were an affair of years instead of months, the old shipwrecked "Birkenhead Shore" would still conclude with "et cetera", I am warned, by the clock outside (see the cover) pointing to Ten, that Nudi- branchshave occupied "a large share of public attention;" yet I cannot pass over one individual, of which it may be truly said that it "flourished" on Birkenhead Shore. Of course, Messrs. A. & H., I mean Dendronotus arbo- rescens. The external appearance of this showy, large, and lively Gasteropod is instructive as to the fact that a high degree of ornamentation is attainable without the element of high colouring. The Greek name Den¬ dronotus is eminently expressive of the fact that our friend of the showy outline and sober hue carries trees on his back; to which is added (confidentially, in plain Latin, for those who don't know the former language,) that he is, as