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468 Old Prices Remains. for done," even in England* ; why not pay a little for sinews, which are, of the two, more easily digested. * At Stuttgard, they make you take a quarter of a pound of bone to each pound of meat, and at the same price! If they go on encroaching in this direction, it will soon be, " De mortuis nil nisi bonutn" in that charitable region, and the name '' flesher " will be quite inapplicable. A Salopian telling his Granny what he saw in Foreign Parts. I've seed where bees build up in trees, and never need no hive, They fatch the honey home in carts—Well, dear heart alive! I've seed where crops of corn and hops, without no rain do thrive, Their Sivin's out for haif the year—Well, deear heart alive!! O, how I wish you'd seen the fish flying the same as I've; We've often catched 'em on the deck—Well, deeear heart alive!!! I've seed the Beavers, along them rivers, nice cottages contrive; They beat our builders out and out—Well, deeeear heart alive !!!! The ship was smashed, aye, fairly squashed ; no crature could survive : Yet, Granny, for all that, you see—Well, deeeeear heart alive !! !!! On the Tendency of Evil to Perpetuate Itself. A Parody for the times, by a much put-about, and more pushed-about Layman, November and December, 1863. Martial wrote as follows :— Semper eris pauper, si pauper es, vEmiliane ;