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ih [dOsy* . '&W OLD PRICES REMAINS. INTRODUCTORY AND RETROSPECTIVE. Business First—(almost Too Good to be true.) Perhaps there exists in our metropolis no more striking proof of the progressive character of now-a-day commerce than the. disclosures which I am about to make. By a fabulous outlay (the bulk of our first profits!) we have secured the whole of Queer Street, which will speedily be converted, regardless of expense, into one great bazaar, somewhat similar (but vastly superior) to Burlington Ar¬ cade; the two sides being "consacres," as our volatile neighbours express it, to the Montmorena and Montmo- rencina departments, each to each. The history of the old premises is fraught with a peculiar, if not a classic, interest. Poor O. D., after lying on the counter from sheer fatigue, next took to a sofa, from which, " on the broad of his back," he signals or " tubes " his orders to a com¬ petent staff of apprentices and " young persons," suppor¬ ters to the " stout boy," reduced, in the first week, to a mere thread paper-—quantum mutatus ab illo! (Compare the German nursery story, Meine Suppe esse ich nicht.) It is much to the credit of my excellent and unselfish partner that his first thought on the sofa was to send poor Montmorenci a present of half-a-dozen night-shirts, of our own calico—the texture exactly adjusted to the strain on 30