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(JW) fe§§) OLD PRICES REMAINS. INTRODUCTORY AND RETROSPECTIVE. Business First ! Full price given, by Old Price, for stray copies of N0 i, which has become disproportionately scarce, through too many going astray, like "thim osses," N° 4, p. 158. By "unremitting attention " to present customers, to the exclusion of almost every other subject since last N°, I have certainly succeeded in rectifying some mistakes.; but there be certain tilers who, as sure as they mount your roof to fasten a slate or two, never fail to loosen a few more. Verbum sat sapientibus. A "threatening letter," directed (like the Draconic code,) in red ink, convicts me, this very day, of a fresh blunder. Any of my pupils, past or present, who have favoured me, or will' favour me, with their carte-de-visite, or other photogram, will receive, beside my best thanks, a N° of O. P.'s Remains; and must remind me if it does not arrive soon. Those who wish to hang up a likeness of their ci-devant Pedagogue, in terrorem, can purchase a very good one, including the author and his Remains, at Mr. Dustin's, Photographer, 122, Grange Lane, Birkenhead. "Iamque faces !" quoth Maro, ^Eneid 1, 150. Further Answers to the Four Questions in No. 1. Question 1. Who is Old Price ? Answer—Old P. is the identical Old Gentleman who got his head broken and his body knocked down, (escaping instant death only through great mercy,) by the fall of the burning flagstaff 15