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3. C^wv^ -18&.?) OLD PRICES REMAINS. INTRODUCTORY AND RETROSPECTIVE. Further Answers to the Four Questions in No. i. Question I. Who is Old Price ? Answer—Old P. is the Young Gentleman on the bay mare (by Hobgoblin) Who very nearly broke his own neck and hers, in teaching her to pass the coach that day near Atcham, to the huge amusement of the passengers, who, if living, can never for¬ get the scuffle. Q. 2. Why Old Price's Remains ? A.—Because he has kept hard at it, "remaining" "faithfully," "sincerely," "affectionately," "truly," and, what not?—his, her's, t'other's, and, whose not ? all these years. Q. 3. Why Old Price's Remains? A.—He adopted this title, " antiquissimum ratus." Q. 4. How Old ? A.—Old enough to be the Public's Dada. I have learnt from my Pupil, G. D., who is expert at averages, that that Gentleman is just 41 years old. I shall therefore trouble him not to dictate to me; but, if he likes a thing or two done well, (no allusion to peptics,) I shall allow him to stand by, cap in hand, and "see his father do it." At the same time, as he must, even at that age, be " either a fool or a physician," I shall, out of politeness, call him " Doctor."