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2 (nm*^ \&,i\ OLD PRICE'S REMAINS. INTRODUCTORY AND RETROSPECTIVE. Further Answers to the Four Questions in N° i. Question i. Who is Old Price ? Answer—Old P. is the "Wooden Spoon" of I826. But pray, G. R., consult other parts of the Cambridge Calendar, besides the Mathe¬ matical Tripos. Q. 2. Why Old Prices "Remains?" A.—A fortiori now, as so much has been "taken out of him" since April the 1st. Q. 3. Why Old Price's Remains ? A.—Because he is "as old as the hills;" in fact, he knows two Hills a good deal younger than himself. Q. 4- How OXdl A.—(To the Public) O. P. wasn't born yesterday; and he means to ascertain, exactly, how old the Public is, before June 1, with Geo. D.'s assistance. N.B.—Nothing ever helped me to realise the uncer¬ tainty of life so much as the proposal to publish my Remains before I died. Notes on the MS. Letter in No. i. "Should auld acquaintance be forgotV " I thank God Lucy continues so well."—The writer can, to this day, say "Amen " to this thanksgiving, having just been sitting with this worthy and only survivor of good