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Ube /IfccmtM? Treasury. Q------------s^~ -o APRIL, \i 107. Vol. VIII. RICE ONE PENNY. . : 1H _ ;jSgj 6 .#* "^ *• Itilflllli Summary of Contents. CAN WE BELIEVE? By Rev. D. J. Williams, B.D., Bangor. ANOTHER GREAT BIOGRAPHY. By W.E. SOME OF THE BEAUTY-SPOTS OF WALES: IV. Sychant Pass (Illustrated). ET CETERA. By J.C.E.M. A STRUGGLE FOR VICTORY. By J.D.E. THE PARLIAMENT OF NONCON¬ FORMITY. By Rotide. THE SPOILT SKETCH. By Elsa Gwent. IS OUR CONFESSION OF FAITH UP-TO-DATE. By Rev. J. Talog Davies, Beaufort. HYMN-TUNE—GNOLL AVENUE. By Mr. D. Jenkins, Mus. Bac. CHATS WITH THE LITTLE ONES. By Lena. A CASE AGAINST SMOKING. By C. T. Leask. Ililli Carnarvon : Published by D. O'Brien Owen, CM. Book Agency.