290 BYE-GONES. Feb. 7, 1900. and 'Parke Promise' and 'Park Vena' and 'Llwyn-y-maen' as with these classic regions." Continuing, Mr Ogilvy said they had about a dozen more volumes being transcribed, bringing the register down to 1812. The work was great, there and elsewhere, and he thought their thanks were due to the transcribers and the collators. (Cheers.) The motion was carried. Major HEBER PERCY moved a vote of thanks to the incumbents for allowing their regis¬ ters to be copied, and especially, he said, their thanks were due to the hon. secretary, Mr Flet¬ cher, who had taken an enormous amount of trouble in the matter. (Cheers.) Mr HERBERT SOUTHAM seconded the motion. They were grateful, he eaid, to the clergy for all the trouble thev had taken in forwarding the work. He himself had taken on the tran¬ scription of the register of Stottesden. but owing to his sight he was not able to make the progress he could wish. The motion was carried. The Rev T. A'UDEN moved a vote of thanks to Mr Stanley Leighton for presiding. Mr Leighton was not only chairman of the Council, but he was the.father of the Society. (Cheers.) Mr Auden remarked on the usefulness of those transcriptions in aiding those in search of names in the registers, and spoke of the pleasure it was to himself and his familv to aid in the work. Mr W. PHILLIPS seconded the motion, and referred to the hugeness of the ta*k of transcrib¬ ing the Shrewsbury registers, which he thought could only be carried out by some private collec¬ tion beinsr made to assist in doing the work. Mr PHILLIMORE mentioned that all the registers of Nottingham had been transcribed and printed by the munificence of one of the tradesmen of the town, and he felt sure that statement had only to become public for Shrewsbury not to be behind Nottingham. (Cheers.) The motion was carried. Mr LEIGHTON briefly replied. FEBRUARY 7, 1900- NOTES. ST. OSWALD'S SKULL. —At the meeting of the Society of Antiquaries on Dec. 14 last (I amusing the accounb in the Athenceum of Jan. 20) a statement was made as to a recent examin¬ ation of the supposed skele' on of St. Cuthberb and skull of St. Oswald, buried in Durham Cathedral. The skull " had been much hacked about by sharp weapons, corresponding with that of Sb. Oswald, as described by Reginald of Durham, who wrote as an eye-witness in 1104." Dr Plummer, in a special report, says the skull can hardly be doubted bo be St. Oswald's. W.O. BRIEFS IN FORD CHURCH REGISTER. —There are only the following six. L.C.O. 1661. April 14. Collected & gathered in the p'ishe Church of Foord for the great loaa by fire in Ilminster in the County of Somerset the some of 3/11. April 28. Collected and gathered for James Meynell in the aforesaid p'ishe towards his loses bv the Rebella in Ireland the some of 18d. 1662. In the 14th yeare of Kinge Charles the Second. Collected in the parish of Ford for the inhabitants of Motheringham, in the Countie of Lincoln, the summe of 3/- Collected for George Cupper of Clee StantoD, in the Countie of Sallop, the summe of 2/1 Collected towards the trade of fishing 2/- Collected for John Wolrich, in the Countie of Stafford, 1/10. EJECTED CLERGY IN SHROPSHIRE (Jan. 10,1900).—"One Peartee, reported to have been a pedlar,was one of the successors to Dr Arnway in the sequestered Rectory of Hodnet in Shropshire ; one Churchlow, said to have been a gentleman's butler, succeeded Mr Orpe on his sequestration from the Vicarage of Staunton, in the same county; as did one Hopkins, a glover (or skinner), to the Living of High-Ercal in that county, on the sequestration of Mr Fowler ; Mr Aunshain, on his sequestration from Hopesay in Shrop¬ shire, was succeeded by one Stone, a trooper; one Lloyd was sent from Eton-School bo succeed Mr Ch. Hall, sequester'd from Cainham." (Walker, Sttferings of the Clergy, ed. 1714, p. 98). The list given by Walker is not complete. In his appen¬ dix (p. 418) he adds : " Hughes, Thomas, Curate of Aston-Eyre, in Shropshire, and Turned out from thence." But he omits the Rev John Chapman, who was, as the Register of Donington shows, ejected in 1656, and who died in 1660 be¬ fore he was re-instated. The Rev J. B. Blake- way says that Albrighbon, near Wolverhampbon, was un-furnished with an Incumbent during the Commonwealth, therefore the Rev William Fletcher, who was appointed in 1632, and died in 1660, musb have been ejected. Tong, too, seems to have suffered in the same way; the Rev William Southwell, appointed in 1641, only enters in the Register to 1643, and then the Registers are very badly kept to 1650. Possibly, however, he may have been appointed elsewhere. There is, too, a similarity of sound between his name and that of Soofchill, the ejected vicar of Montford. L.C.O. RECTORS OF STAPLETON, NEAR SHREWSBURY.—As I have never seen any¬ thing approaching a complete lisb of bhe Recbors of Sbaplebon, near Shrewsbury, bhe following contribution to such a list, though of course nob complete, may be of use. It is compiled in part from a MS. in the Shrewsbury Free Library, and also incorporates the list given in the intro¬ duction to the recently printed transcript of Sbaplebon Parish Regisber by bhe Shropshire Parish Register Society. --------Thomas Harris. 1005. Rowland Harries. [But if the date of the Elizabethan Clergy List printed in the