THE CAMBRIAN JOURNAL ALBAN Mlrillv EILIR (vernal equinox.) ARCHAEOLOGICAL MEMORANDA ON SOUTH PEMBROKESHIRE. Tenby, with its environs, is one of those interesting localities that has something to show or tell to each of its many friends. In my case it suggested the hints here thrown together. Meagre though they be, they suffice to show the extensive and engaging nature of the remains abounding in the neighbourhood. It struck me, however, with surprize, that whilst the natural productions of the district have been ably de¬ scribed, so little has been done to follow out its historical antecedents and mediaeval relics. There are, it is true, several attractive volumes relating some of the more salient events of bygone times, but they are treated in a general way only, and leave the antiquary dissatified, and anxious for more specific information. That this is to be had for seeking, no one can doubt who is at all acquainted with the facilities that the present day presents for investigating the lore of the middle ages. Several highly competent gentlemen reside near, whose local knowledge, combined with their antiquarian acu¬ men, points them out as well able to investigate this CAMB. JOUR.," 1863. B