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THE CAMBRIAN JOURNAL ALBAN \ V* HEVIN (summer solstice.) VINDICATION OF THE MOSAIC ETHNOLOGY OF EUROPE. PRIMITIVE OR JAPHETIC EUROPE—ITS RACE, LANGUAGE, AND TOPOGRAPHY. The concurrent traditions of the East and and West point to the plateau of the Caucasus, or Cei Cap, as the cradle or primogenital bed of one of the first families of the human race, now generally recognized as the Aryan. No high¬ lands on the face of the globe could be fixed upon equally convenient for the colonization of its various regions. Commanding two seas, the former receiving the waters of the Danube, the Don, and the Dneister, the latter that of the Volga; originating on its southern insteps the streams of the Euphrates and Tigris, the Caucasian range placed under the eyes of its Aborigines the boundless plains to the west, the south and the north. In every direction immense water-courses invited exploration, and easy landmarks guided the adventurous spirit of the primitive wanderers. Following the Euphrates, the Semitic race occupied the fertile plains of Mesopotamia, CAMB. JOUR., 1862. O