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THE CAMBRIAN JOURNAL. ALBAN ,-Hlr^W^/K. EILIR (vernal equinox.) MEMOIR OF THE BYAM FAMILY. CHRONOLOGICAL MEMOIR OF THE REVDS. HENRY, JOHN, AND EDWARD BYAM, SONS OF THE REV. LAWRENCE BYAM, RECTOR OF LUCKHAM, SOMERSETSHIRE, DURING THE REIGNS OF ELIZABETH AND JAMES I. By Edward S. Byam, Esq., Translator of " The Backslider's Mirror" Author of "Literary Avocations" " Table of the Kings of England" frc Some account of the three clerical brethren, sons of the Rev. Lawrence Byam, Rector of Luckham,1 in Somer¬ set, in the reigns of Elizabeth and James I., viz., of Henry, John and Edward Byam; showing the time at 1 To this rectory of Luckham, in Somerset, on the borders of North Devon, Lawrence Byam was presented by Queen Elizabeth, by letters patent, dated from " Gorhambury, 19th June, 1575," and filled for the space of nearly forty years, till, in fact, the middle of July, 1614, when his will, found in the Catalogue of that Archdeaconry, was proved at Taunton, though the will itself cannot now be found. Warner, in his History of Bath, mentions him amongst the principal benefactors to the rebuilding of the Abbey Church of that city, of which he was a native. For Letters Patent, see Rymer's Foedera, vol. xvii. CAMB. JOUR., 1862. B