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THE CAMBRIAN JOURNAL ALBAN AL M ARTHAN. (winter solstice.) CORNISH LITERATURE. To the Publisher of the Cambrian Journal. London, Not. 30, 1861. Dear Sir,—When you asked me some time ago to send you some papers on the Celtic Languages, I pro¬ mised on the first occasion when I had a leisure moment to comply with your wish. My intention was to send you a very particularized description of a precious manu¬ script containing a Cornish Vocabulary by Tonkin and Gwavas, the same that Pryce unscrupulously printed at Sherborne in 1790 under his own name, and whose real performance took place at least fifty years previously. This manuscript is preceded by a very interesting corres¬ pondence between Tonkin and Gwavas on the Cornish language, as it was still spoken in their time in some of the western parishes of Cornwall, and would not fail to give great pleasure to every one that takes interest in the Celtic and particularly in the Cornish literature. Still, as I have no immediate prospect of printing the CAMB. JOUR., 1861. 2 I