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THE CAMBEIAN JOURNAL ALBAN '%»fj' ELVED. (autumnal equinox.) WELSH COMMERCE. A Paper Read by Mr. Lewis Hartley, at a recent Meeting of the Manchester Cambrian Society. Mr. President and Gentlemen,—In attempting to read a paper on commerce, I feel sensible of my inability to the task. Commerce has such a wide field that I find myself at a loss how to commence; and my own want of education, to which I must draw your attention, will cause this paper to be clothed in a garb much more im¬ perfect than its importance demands. However, as our society was established with a view of trying to benefit our own countrymen, I shall endeavour to draw your attention this evening to the commerce of Wales. And that commerce of which I propose to treat, is that which answers to what its name implies, viz., an exchange of commodities between consenting parties, and I think that I cannot commence better than PA MR TOTTR lftfil V