THE CAMBRIAN JOURNAL ALBAN \JL Si ARTHAN, (winter solstice.) GWAITH SION CENT. III. COWYDD I DDUW, Or a poem addressed to God, the substance of which is to this effect:—Supreme Being, our true Health—dear Saviour and Prophet, one God from heaven, and our Man; without Thee we cannot walk or turn in any direction, nor see anything, nor enjoy the produce of the earth. No man can live, there can be nothing good, no sustenance, no joy, without Thee. Holy Lord, there is no Father of all but Thou. Great is the prosperity Thou hast bestowed upon Thy children. When Thou earnest as a conqueror into the world—and possessed of grace— after the apple had turned Eve out of the blissful life and happy world, and sent her and her husband, like blind persons into darkness, and their children and descendants into the same furnace, Thou didst redeem them without boasting. And grievous was the redemp¬ tion, and full of pain. Judas conspired to betray Thee, and the Jews to seize Thee, O Thou wise Son of Mary. CAMB. JOUR., 1860. 2 I