THE CAMBRIAN JOURNAL A LB AN V Jp HEVIN. (summer solstice.) THE TRADITIONARY ANNALS OF THE CYMRY. Chapter XXII. THE RURAL ARTS.—HARP PLAYING. The origin of music, both vocal and instrumental, is attributed to the melodious utterance of the Divine Name, in virtue of which all creation joyfully sprang into exist¬ ence. It was Tydain Tad Awen, however, that reduced it into a system, or art, and he was the first that arranged the scale in respect of vocal, stringed, and wind music, as is stated in the secret memorials of the bards of the Isle of Britain.1 The oldest kinds of musical instruments on record are the organ and harp, both described as the invention of Jubal, the seventh from Adam.2 David, the second king of Israel, was a great master of the harp, which was made in a triangular form of the wood of the algum-tree, 1 The second book of " Cyvrinach Beirdd Ynys Prydain," and " Yniales."—MSS. 2 Gen. iv. 21. CAMB. JOUR., 1860. M