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THE CAMBRIAN JOURNAL ALBAN *-4AI W^lJJ-v EILIR (teknal eqtxinox.) YSTUDVACH, THE BARD. Some time ago we inserted in the pages of the Cambrian Journal a poem, supposed to be of the sixth century, and written by St. Teilo, which had escaped the observation of the Editors of the Myvyrian Archaiology. We have the pleasure to-day of adding to the store of our early literature another poem—hitherto unpublished, at least in its present form—the work of Ystudvach, an ancient bard, whose name is mentioned in the Chwedlau y Doethion (Iolo MSS. 653) thus,— " Hast thou heard the saying of Ystudvach, Whilst carousing with his bards ? A cheerful countenance, a sound heart." The following anecdote is recorded of him in the Myvyrian Archaiology, iii. p. 45:— " An old bard, named Ystudvach, who was the bard of Constan- tine the Blessed, saw the eighteen good qualities1 which had been sung by Cattwg the Wise; and then he himself sang as follows:— ** The eighteen good qualities of Ystudvach, The bard of Vortimer the Blessed. 1. Brave in battle and trouble. 3. Firm his alliance. 2. Patient under suffering. 4. Wise in council. 1 Printed in the same page, immediately before those related by Ystudvach. CAMB. JOUR., I860. B