THE CAMBRIAN JOURNAL ALBAN Xk K ARTHAN. (winter solstice.) HISTORY OF THE BRITISH BARDS. By the Late Iolo Morganwg, B.B.D. SCHOOL OF GRUFFUDD AP CYNAN ; dUdS OF GLYNN ACHLACH. {Continued from j). 141.^ It was the school of Gruffudd ap Cynan that introduced, properly speaking, at least systematically, alliteration into the Welsh poetry. It must indeed be confessed that, some time before, a few faint traces of it had appeared; but so few do we find that we are at a loss to say whether they were intentional, or things of mere accident. Some of our modern would-be poets and critics have con¬ sidered this fantastical, and, I will boldly say, false orna¬ ment, as the great excellency, and indeed the glory, of our versification ; but rationality, sound criticism, and good taste are things that have not, for too many centuries to be well remembered, appeared amongst our self- boasting Welsh. If I offend some of them I cannot help it, for I have, unfortunately for them, some predilection CAMB. JOUR., 1859. " 2 I