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THE CAMBRIAN JOUENAL. ALBAN ^IMf^ ELVED. (autumnal equinox.) AN ESSAY ON THE DISCOVERY OF AMERICA IN THE TWELFTH CENTURY, BY PRINCE MADOG AP OWEN GWYNEDD. ( Continued from p. 106.,) In Owen's British Remains, printed in 1777, there is another account that was communicated to the above- mentioned Charles Lloyd, Esq., of Dol y Fran, by one Mr. Steadman, a native of Brecknockshire, in which he relates that, being in a Dutch ship, about the year 1650, and landing on the American coast, he met with an Indian people who spoke Welsh. Mr. Charles Lloyd, about the same time, received another account from one Oliver Humphreys, a Welsh¬ man, who lived for some time at Surinam, where he became acquainted with an Englishman, who, he says, had been among the North American Indians, and had learned the language of one of their tribes, which Mr. CAMB. JOUR., 1859. Y