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THE CAMBRIAN JOURNAL. ALBAN ^UTr/A/JK EILIR. qhfftP (terkal equinox.) ON THE ADVANTAGES ACCRUING TO ENGLISHMEN FROM A KNOWLEDGE OF THE WELSH LANGUAGE. By Gwillym Bronllys. [This Essay was sent too late for competition.—Ed. Camb. Jour.] Before entering fully into the proposed essay upon the above stated subject, it will be as well to consider briefly and cursorily the nature and origin of the language in question,—the mere attempt to do which would open a field so wide, were we to dilate thereon, that the limits necessarily of an essay would be far inadequate for the purpose,—we should be obliged to enter in detail into the various views adopted by the different learned scholars who for years have given the study of the origin of the Welsh language their deepest attention. There can be no doubt in the mind of anyone who has attempted to investigate its origin, that the Welsh lan¬ guage is one of the most ancient in modern Europe. This is clearly and admirably proved by Mr. Stephens' CAMB. JOUR., 1859. B