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THE CAMBKIAN JOUKNAL ALBAN ^^WSWa^ ELVED. (autumnal equinox.) HISTORY OF THE BRITISH BARDS. By the Late Iolo Morganwg, B.B.D. SCHOOLS OF WELSH POETRY. PRIMITIVE SCHOOL. It has been usual when speaking of the fine arts, as painting, sculpture, music, &c, to define them, and what has been exhibited in them, as a certain school; thus, in painting, we have the Italian school, the Flemish school, the English school, &c.; and so, or similarly, of the other arts. In poetry, too, we have our several schools,—the schools of Spencer and Milton, Dryden and Pope, of Thomson, &c. I cannot think of a better manner of treating of the poetry of the ancient Welsh bards than by using this kind of language; and, in the first place,— I.—The Ancient or Primitive School, or that of the Druids.—The great object of this school was to pro- SECOND SERIES, VOL. I. Y