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THE CAMBRIAN JOURNAL. ALBAN %,Wf ^ ELVED, (AT7TUMNAL EQUINOX.) BRIEF HISTORICAL MEMOIR OF THE HERBERTS, FORMERLY OF RAGLAN AND TRETOWER, SILURIA, NOW OF POWYS CASTLE, POWYS, &c, &c. By Rev. R. W. Morgan, B.D., Tregynon. ( Continued from page 137.) From the life-blood of Sir David thus shed in preser¬ vation of his sovereign may be dated the commencement of the great fortunes of the Herbert family. His knight companion, Sir Thomas ap Gwilym, of Raglan, shortly afterwards married his only daughter, Gwladys, widow of Sir Roger, who bore him three sons, William, afterwards Earl of Pembroke, Risiart Hir (Tall Richard) of Cole- brook, Thomas, and one daughter. There is every reason to conclude that Shakspeare intended to portray Sir David Llewelyn in the character of Fluellin, his accurate ear substituting the " Fi" as the nearest approximate sound in English to the Cymric " LI." Shakspeare's dramas present such extremes in composition, from the grossest and most witless buffoon - VOL. IV. y