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THE CAMBRIAN JOURNAL ALBAN X P HEVIN. (summer solstice.) MIC DINBYCH: THE EULOGY OF TENBY. There is a poem of considerable antiquity in the Myvyrian Archaiology, under the designation of " Mic Dinbych." It has for its object the eulogy of a pleasant caer on the sea-shore in Dyved, or Pembrokeshire, and is composed of eight verses, each of which commences with the words, " Addfwyn gaer y sydd," or, " There is a pleasant caer." In the Literature of the Kymry it is said to have had reference to Tenby; and, according to Davies' version of " Mic," is there described as " the Prospect from Tenby;" but this is not the common opinion among those who have written on the subject. The Rev. Ed. Davies, in the Mythology of the Druids, the Hon. Algernon Herbert, in the Cyclops Christianus, and the present Archdeacon of Cardigan, in Gomer, have each honoured the poem with their notice. The whole three concur in the belief that the caer of the poem was not a fort of stone and mortar, but a mystic sanctuary; but all differ more or less in their explanations of the details. VOL. IV. M