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THE CAMBRIAN JOURNAL. ALBAN Ml5 FT/K EILIR (vernal equinox.) THE TRADITIONARY ANNALS OF THE CYMRY. Chapter XII. BARDISM—ITS ORIGIN AND CONSTITUTION. Origin.—We are informed in the Laws of Dyvnwal Moelmud that the gorsedd, or " session of bards/' was " the oldest in its origin of the three privileged sessions of the Isle of Britain, under the protection of the kindred of the Cymry."1 Undoubtedly, as a religious system, Bardism may be regarded as coeval with the original progenitors of mankind, to whom God first revealed His will. This is very clearly implied in our traditions, which speak of the A-wen, or the sacred A, the form of the name of God, as haviDg been given to the first man —Menw.2 Its origin, as such, however, is generally ascribed to Seth the son of Adam; thus, in an old bardic catechism,— 1 Welsh Laws, ii. p. 493. The other two are described as the " session of country and lord," and the " session of federal support." 2 See Chapter I. VOL. IV. B