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THE CAMBRIAN JOURNAL ALBAN \!t M ARTHAN. (winter solstice.) THE NATIONS OF GOMER. No. I. " By their names ye shall know them." The origin of our race is of all questions the most in¬ teresting that can occupy our attention; the subject can never weary, or decay,' but will continue to excite our curiosity as long as man shall have his place on the earth. And as origin means beginning, and the beginning of nations transcends all human history,—as, with a single exception, time has preserved of national origins but a few scattered fragments, enveloped in fable and myth, and only to be read by the light of Scripture,—we must seek the evidence and the information which we require in the Sacred History. , The original record is found in Genesis x. in a chapter of primitive history, written in terms so clear, so brief, and expressive, that each name contains at once the country, the people, and their characteristic; and this character of the nations, as first written in their name, is so permanent, that it has been transmitted from age to age in the broad lineaments of existing nations; so m VOL. III. 8