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THE CAMBRIAN JOURNAL. ALBAN ^^ImM ^ ELVED (autumnal equinox.) THE ANCIENT PHOENICIANS AND THEIR LANGUAGE. ( Continued from page 147.) Before I enter upon the argument deducible from philology or uninscribed monuments, it will be necessary to state the extent of our knowledge derivable from profane authors respecting the introduction of written characters into the western world, and this will be best explained by translating the following passage taken from the Rev. Hugh James Rose, who thus expresses himself in his preface to his elegant work, entitled Inscriptiones Grcecce VetustissimcB:— " I willingly pass over all the discussions of learned men respecting Cadmus introducing into GreCce the art of writing, or the contrary supposition that the Greeks were acquainted with •letters before the emigration of Cadmus, for I have vainly spent too much time in such trifles to make me desirous of abusing my readers' patience. Why should I gravely quote Boher, who cites the insane follies of Diodorus as to the destruction of vol. in. 2 E