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THE CAMBRIAN JOURNAL A LB AN ^g*n W$M?' j& ELVED. (autumnal equinox.) HISTORY. THE TRADITIONARY ANNALS OF THE CYMRY. Chapter VIII. DYVNWAL MOELMUD. An important epoch in the prehistoric annals of the Cymry was the reign of Dyvnwal Moelmud. According to the "Brut," he was the son of Clydno, prince of Cernyw, or Cornwall;1 and in the Venedotian code of Laws we are further told that his mother was a daughter of the king of Lloegr, and that it was in right of her he succeeded to the crown. The paragraph which contains this information runs as follows:— " Before this, and before the crown of London and the supre¬ macy of this island were seized by the Saxons, Dyvnwal Moelmud, son of Clydno, was king over this island, who was son to the earl 1 Myv. Arch. ii. p. 138. VOL. II. Y