THE CAMBRIAN JOURNAL ALBAN % S HEVIN. SUMMER SOLSTICE. HISTORY. THE TRADITIONARY ANNALS OF THE CYMRY. Chapter VII. FROM PRYDAIN TO DYVNWAL MOELMUD.—COLONIES. There are two immigrations alluded to in the Genealogy of Iestyn as having taken place in the interval between Prydain and Dyvnwal. The Triads speak of three more, which, from the fact that those who composed them were permitted to settle here under certain restrictions, seem to claim precedence, of the Coranians especially. They are thus recorded :— "There are three refuge seeking tribes that came into the Island of Britain under the peace and by permission of the nation of the Cymry, without weapon, without assault. The first was the tribe of the Celyddon in the north; the second was the horde of the Gwyddyl, and they are in Alban; the third were VOL. II. M