THE CAMBEIAN JOUBNAL. ALBAN %fc « ARTHAN. (WINTER SOLSTICE.) MANUFACTURES, MINES, &c. THE INDUSTRIAL CAPACITIES OF SOUTH WALES. By Jelinger Simons, BARRISTER-AT-LAW. CHAPTER I. The Coal Bed; its chief divisions. Estimate of its extent and bulk. Anthracite; its qualities: Iron smelted by it: Iron works in the district: geological features of it. Mr. Mackworth's opinion of the pits there. The future of South Wales, in the industrial and com¬ mercial history of this kingdom, bids fair to eclipse the like development of its Australian namesake, and even that of the sister colonies. This will arise not only from the wonderful amount of its mineral wealth, but from the opening of Milford Haven,—less even from the enormous germs of metallic manufacture, with which the whole vol. i. 2 Q