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THE CAMBEIAN JOUENAL. A LEAN \ S HEVIN. (summer solstice.) HISTORY. THE TRADITIONARY ANNALS OF THE CYMRY. Chapter II. THE CYMRY IN THE EAST. From the mutual similarity of the names Comari or Gomari, Cimbri, and Cymry, which in the infancy of the language must have been written Comro or Comri,1 we infer the identity of the people that bore those appella¬ tions. But the following considerations will add still more to the weight of the argument. Joseph us2 and Eustathius3 both declare the Gomari and Galatae to have been the same people, and Appian makes a like statement 1 See Bardic Alphabet, apud Iolo MSS. p. 617. 2 Joseph. Antiq. Jud. lib. i. c. 6. 3 Eustat. Com. in Hexam. p. 51. VOL. I. P